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Cleft is a curated porcelain collection inspired by the beauty of natural cleft sandstone and bluestone. These durable pavers are suitable for outdoors and all seasons. The natural palette evokes a rustic yet sophisticated design created for unlimited applications. The natural look of Cleft is the result of countless hours of creative design by our artisans to produce a porcelain collection of distinction and elegance. From the coast to the mountains, Cleft is a unique product.


Cleft comes in 4 colors and multiple sizes for single or multiple pattern configurations. Our products are an ideal surface solution for pools, decks, porches, and architectural elements.


Porcelain Pavers
11.57″ x 11.57″ x 0.79″ Rectified Edges
11.57″ x 23.22″ x 0.79″ Rectified Edges
23.22″ x 23.22″x 0.79″ Rectified Edges
23.22″ x 34.90″ x 0.79″ Rectified Edges

11.57″ x 23.22″ x 0.79″ Fabricated Bullnose Edge
11.57″ x 23.22″ x 0.79″ L-Shaped with 2″ Return


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