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Savannah Surfaces Introduces Their Exclusive Old World Tabby Coral Select Collection

Imagine holding a sand-filled seashell or sandy piece of coral in your hands. Doesn’t it make you dream of those far off Islands in the Caribbean? Imagine driving along those Coral clad streets of West Palm Beach, Florida, with the windows down, experiencing the sunset and the smell of salt from the Ocean. Now open your back door and step right into your own backyard oasis.

Savannah Surfaces has captured that moment in it’s new Old World Tabby porcelain paver collection “Coral Select.” For many years Coral pavers and tiles have covered the landscape of the Island’s and Palm Beach. Blocks and Rocks of coral are quarried from the mountains and land that millions of years ago were part of the ocean. Those pieces of stone are used as walling, pool decks, and patios.

Savannah Surfaces has discovered a way to give you that same sophisticated Island style without all the “effort” that comes along with cleaning and caring for those naturally pitted and porous stones. Mold and mildew are a huge problem along the coast and in the South. Travertine, concrete, and Coral can become slimy, dirty, and unattractive to look at. Imagine an outdoor space with little to no maintenance, slip-free, mold-free, natural, and beautiful. These exterior pavers are sure to make anywhere you put them your new favorite place. They come in many sizes with coping to match. Ask us about them and begin your journey to living beautifully.